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Jens Birch

I'm Jens Birch, the photographer who has taken the images you are admiring in these galleries. Please let me introduce myself: Here, to the left, you see me in my right element - Mother Nature! This time in a field full of dandelions very close to my home in Linköping, Sweden. I'm passionate about wildlife and nature photography and my ambition is to make images of the very highest possible quality - as good as it gets! My hope is that you will be fascinated by my photographs of wild animals, flowers, landscapes, nature phenomena, etc. Honesty declaration: I honor nature very highly and to me "Wildlife" means life in the wild and hence I take a pride in only exhibiting photographs taken in the wild without disturbing the subjects. Consequently, all my wildlife photographs in these galleries are photographed in the nature with truly wild living (non-captive, non-habituated, and non-domestic) animals appearing in front of the camera by their own free actions. - That is true wildlife! In the same sense, I strive after showing nature as as true as possible. However, in a few rare instances, for the sake of artistic merit, I may have retouched the image by removing parts of the scene that are insignificant for the main subject. Such images are always declared by the following caption: Disturbing elements without relations to the main subject, may have been removed in order to enhance the artistic merits of this image.. Although none of my images are taken in zoos or animal parks, I'm not against such institutions. However, I am of the absolute opinion that any photographs taken in such environmments always shall be declared. That is because captive, non domestic, animals are unable to exhibit undisturbed behaviour. So any photograph of such animals, no matter how beautiful it is, may give a false, undesired, impression of the species and doesn not belong in a true wildlife photographers galleries. My job as a University Professor in Experimental Materials Physics gives me a good insight into the technicalities of making photographs. It also gives me unique possibilities to create some of the equipment I need for some challenging types of images. Welcome to enjoy my galleries! (Don't hesitate to leave comments about how you feel about my images.)
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